Dear Customers,

While we provide a cost breakdown below for therapy services, please note that we also offer a sliding scale. A sliding-scale is a type of fee structure that allows the therapist to provide a reduced fee to those who qualify. Please call our office to discuss further if interested. Insurance is not accepted at this time but we are working to provide this service in the near future.


The Drifter
  • Perfect for skill-building sessions.
  • Includes four 30 minute therapeutic sessions.
  • Equates to $45 (BSD) per session
  • Valid for one month
The Lone Voyager
  • Ideal for individual counseling.
  • Includes four 1 hour individual counseling sessions.
  • Equates to $60 (BSD) per session.
  • Valid for one month
The Family Knot
  • As the name suggests, perfect for families.
  • Includes four 1 hour Family Therapy sessions.
  • Provides 1 free session per month to families.
  • Valid for one month